Ice cream

Dear park people,

I am trying to persuade you to start selling ice cream it the concession stands.  I have three reasons why first in the summer it is nice to have a cold snack.    Second it would bring in more customers.  Third it would bring in more money on a hot day. It is a good thing to sell ice cream.

Anti tank dogs

I was reading I book about military fails and I came across a page that said anti tank dog.  I read the page and learned that almost all countries used animals for  war.  For example Amarica used bats as flying bombs they were trained to land in houses with a bomb tied to there legs and when the bombs went off they would set the house on fire.the ussr used dogs with vests full of bombs to destroy tanks.  The dogs were trained to run under the tanks and stay there. This fails because the doge would go under there teams tanks and endanger there troops.

The turtle

Two days ago I was reading a book and one page talked about the turtle submarine.  The turtles a one man sub that could carry a 150 pound bomb.  It was used in the revaluationsry war.  It was sent out into the New York harbor to aback a 150 pound bomb to the hms eagle but had to to return because it was running out of air so it dropped the bomb and went to shore.

The book is a great book

The creepy doll

One night I was watching chucky And I heard a thud up stairs so I paused the movie and went to in investigate and I saw a creepy doll and a hole that rain was coming in through the roof so I called the cops when they came I showed them the doll they said that teenagers were putting holes in people’s roofsand dropping creepy dolls through the hole so i finished the movie as went to bed when i woke up the creepy doll was walking with a knife so I grabbed my samari sword and killed the pest

I survived nature attacks

This is a jellyfish from a true story it is the most deadly jellyfish in the world it only lives in Australia.

if I were you I would read this great book it has 4 true stories. Including the shark attacks of 1916, the great peshtigo fire of 1871, a venomous box jellyfish attack, and the eruption of mount tambora. On a scale of 1-10 I give this book a 9/10. All the stories happened and some of the victims might still be alive. Read this book to find out more.


If I where to make an amendment it would be the freedom to shoot a robber if they are on your property. This is my amendment because so many robbers have gotten away. It would pass by going through the House of Representatives. Then it would go through the senate. Then it would go to the states. Then it would go through the president.

2nd amendment

“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

This amendment means that we have the right to own a gun  this is important because if we didn’t have guns we would not be able to defend ourselves.